Why waterproofing?

Every year thousands of homes in your area suffer from water related issues including flooding, mold and mildew, and foundation damage that result in millions of dollars in damages. These same problems go without being addressed because homeowners mistakenly think it is only a minor issue. Prolonged exposure to the common problems associated with water penetration can be harmful to you, your family and the home you live in. Health complications can arise from breathing in the dangerous mold, mildew and spores that grow in damp environments, while wood rot and foundation cracks can ultimately be the downfall of the building's structure.


Why re-roofing?

There are a few reasons why getting another rooftop will spare you cash. Most importantly, in the event that you are attempting to offer your home, another rooftop will help put your home in a classification over a considerable measure of different homes in your value run. One of the components that individuals say that they search for when purchasing another house is a rooftop in a quality condition. Nobody needs to make a major buy just to discover that inside the principal year that they need to dump another five or ten thousand dollars on another rooftop! So be a brilliant vender, and ensure that your rooftop is in great working request before putting your rooftop available. You can likewise summon a higher cost for your home with another rooftop. It's unquestionably a venture that pays off in enormous routes for individuals who are prepared to offer their home– quick.


SME&T PTE LTD provides high-quality waterproofing services that can solve all types of water leakage & seepage problems such as ceiling leaking, showers, bathroom leakage, floors, balcony leaking, roof leakage, reinforced concrete, etc.

Why choose SME&T

We maintain confidence in our systems, procedures, and results. By using our services, you are guaranteed excellent treatment and solid solutions for your wet or flooded basement issue. As our customer, you can be assured you will receive only the best.

  • Our quality is unmatched
  • We won't pressure you to use us until you're properly informed
  • No high-pressure tactics
  • A sterling reputation

If at any time you require service after our initial installation, we will respond immediately at no extra charge to you. Our warranty is up to 2 years which above the standard offers in Singapore


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